Napoleoni’s shoe factory was born in the early seventies by the creativity of the owner, Fontilio Napoleoni.
Soon the small laboratory was transformed into a dynamic and structured reality, where artisanal techniques, such as bag processing, meet and blend with more and more modern and innovative production processes.

Today, the Napoleon brand is a well-established reality and is present with its collections in the best stores around the world.


The highest quality materials, personalized accessories, craftsmanship and styling are always accurate and attentive to the latest fashion trends. Another strength of Napoleoni collections is the attention to the value of money, among the most interesting in the market.


Napoleoni is a well-established company specializing in the manufacture of footwear for ladies who have an eye for fashion but want comfort as well.
It was in the mid 1970s that the creative and enterprising Fontilio set up a small workshop together with his young wife Claudia and his brother Alderano, fresh from his studies. The small business was lucky to be located in a territory bubbling with entrepreneurial activity. On the wave of the economic boom the family business grew strong and prospered.

Soon the workshop became a thriving workplace, where traditional shoe-making techniques, such as the slip-lasting method, combined with modern and innovative production processes. In 1984 the family opened a new establishment housing a new production line and a showroom. Further developments came in the 1990s, when Napoleoni decided to go international, taking part in trade fairs and acquiring customers all over the world.

Napoleoni is on the market as a manufacturer of Italian footwear and wants to proudly preserve its identity. This is the main reason why all the processing phases have been kept in Italy in contrast with the general trend to delocalize.
And so we come to the present day.
The family business has grown steadily in time but the philosophy guiding every decision has remained the same: “We strive to make good things and make them well. Our brand is Made in Italy because that is what we are”. Artisan tradition and innovation in products and methods – these are the qualities that have powered Calzaturificio Napoleoni’s success through the decades.